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Mojtaba Salem

Head of Projects & PhD Candidate (KLU)

With a background in business administration, Mojtaba Salem works as a PhD candidate in humanitarian logistics seeking to make aid more impactful by investigating leadership issues in the context of development and relief aid operations.

Niels Van Quaquebeke

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior (KLU)

With a background in psychology, Prof. Van Quaquebeke explores the communicative basis of successful leadership, issues of group identity and the importance of values in leadership, ways of leading ethically, and the function of interpersonal respect.

Maria Besiou

Professor of Humanitarian Logistics (KLU)

With a background as a mechanical engineer, Prof. Besiou studies in a strategic level dynamic complex systems, characterized by multiple actors and feedbacks, like humanitarian logistics, closed-loop supply chains and stakeholder media.

Stephan Wagner

Professor of Logistics Management (ETH Zürich)

With a background in purchasing and supply chain management, Prof. Wagner’s research deals with buyer-supplier relationships, supply chain risk, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as sustainability and humanitarian operations.

Michael Gielnik

Professor for HR Development (Leuphana University)

With a background in psychology, Prof. Giel­nik explores en­tre­pre­neurship in de­ve­lo­ping coun­tries, in par­ti­cu­lar, ac­tion-ba­sed en­tre­pre­neurship trai­nings, the en­tre­pre­neu­ri­al pro­cess, and sustainable en­tre­pre­neu­ri­al be­ha­vi­or.

Lea Rüsch

PhD Candidate (KLU)

With a background in social and organisational psychology, Lea Rüsch works as a PhD in humanitarian logistics and organizational behaviour exploring the behavioural and communicative forces, which improve the collaboration between humanitarian organizations.

Laura Turrini

Assistant Professor of Operations Management (EBS)

With a background in mathematics, Prof. Turrini investigates the challenges of supply chain management, both in the commercial and humanitarian settings. She reconciles her passion for theory and abstraction, with her interest in this field and its applications.

Caspar Höyng

PhD Candidate (KLU)

With a background in supply chain management, Caspar Höyng investigates the challenges that humanitarian organizations face in designing and managing their operations for the greatest humanitarian impact.


Research Institute on Leadership and Operations in Humanitarian Aid
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20457 Hamburg, Germany
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Prof @MariaBesiou conducts an exercise for MSc students in humanitarian logistics course at @The_KLU. #RilohaTalkhttps://t.co/Om8u5O77ls

International and local #NGO supply chain collaboration: An investigation of the #Syrian #refugee crises in Jordan https://t.co/dsU6YibR2V
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